Lists upon lists…

T minus 6 days until Kate and I leave for Florida!  We are getting excited but also feeling that crunch that always happens before a big move.  I have lists and more lists.  Kate and Hannah and I have google docs we are sharing with packing lists for the horses.  I have lists of things I still need to buy here and lists of things to buy down there.  Multiple spreadsheets for packing up my own stuff along with my two kids and my husband.  I think Jonathan (my husband) is beginning to despise my lists, although he’s pretty used to them.  I wake up in the night thinking of what I haven’t put on one list or another. 

And I’m sure we will forget plenty of things.  But as Jonathan keeps telling me, we’re not exactly going to a 3rd world country…

We are headed to Wellington, FL, winter home for so many top dressage horses and riders.  It’s where you go to be surrounded by the best, and it’s where I will spend the next 6 weeks with 5 horses in order to kick it into the next gear with my own education.  I will be training with Jennifer Baumert, and I’ll probably get a few lessons from a few other trainers as well.  We are not planning to compete, just focus on learning as much as possible while we are there. 

I always love this idea of learning having long periods of “plateaus” and short bursts of instense improvement.  I am hopeful that this next 6 weeks will be an intense burst for me and these 5 mares.  Sometimes the intense periods are not always fun.  It’s only afterwards that you realize the dramatic improvement.  The plateaus are also frustrating, of course, but they are comfortable.  I am committed to getting out of my comfort zone and into this space of possibly uncomfortable learning.  It will probably challenge some ideas I hold dear, challenge me to do things I can’t quite do, and literally make me uncomfortable through sore muscles!  But I’m lucky enough to have had many times like this in my life.  And I think I’m getting better about enjoying the uncomfortable-ness.  

Oooh.  I just thought of another thing for my list…gotta go.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.

Abigail Adams

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