Meet the Girls!

We’ve had two days now of beautiful weather and light, easy rides for the girls.  The last two nights it’s gotten down to the low 40’s.  And everyone here thinks it’s the end of  the world!  Today was a high of 79 – just glorious.  

I thought I’d introduce the 5 mares I have down here.  They are all so special, and they each have such different personalities, it makes the training really fun.  First up, we have Flip Side, aka “Flow,” who is the one horse I have at Havensafe.  Flow is an 8 year old Hanoverian Mare by Fuerst Romancier, out of a Sir Donnerhall/Prince Thatch xx dam.  She was bred by Marcia Boeing from Camden, SC, and she is owned by the Flip Side Group, LLC.  I put together a syndicate which purchased her as a 2 year old.  I defy you to tell me something wrong with this mare.  Of course, I’m 100% biased.  I know there are plenty of things to improve, but I think Flow is out of this world.  She has everything a dressage trainer dreams of – beautiful conformation, three world class gaits, the sweetest and most willing disposition, and she’s a looker.  She’s sensitive and yet totally sensible.  They just don’t come any better.  

My sweetest Flowy

Next up we have B-Sanfrieda.  “Frieda” is stabled at Centerline Farm, very close to Flow, along with the other mares.  She is a 12 year old KWPN mare by Sandreo, out of a Zeoliet/Donnerhall dam.  She was bred by Saskia Pouwels from the Netherlands, and is owned by Kevin McNeilly.  Kevin purchased Frieda a little over two years ago as a schoolmaster, and she has been wonderful.  She is a beautiful mare, very much a “ladies’ horse” in that she is refined, light off the aids, and super comfortable.  I have been showing her 3rd and 4th level in 2018, and Kevin got her bronze medal at her first shows in the US with Frieda this year!  Go Kevin! 🙂

The supermodel, Frieda.  Photo by Britt Gillis

Then we have Fuerst Blush, owned by Ashley and Jackie Powell.  Blush is a 7 year old Westphalen mare, by Fuerst Picollo, out of a Matcho Son dam.  Blushy’s owners had another one of their mares at a Mare Performance Test with me years ago at Emerald Springs Equestrian Center.  Little Blush was a weanling and kept coming up to the fence to shmooze.  She was so friendly and so adorable, they just decided to buy her right then and there.  Although she never grew very big, she has a lot of personality and is my little “sports car” to ride.  Super sensitive, very opinionated, and highly athletic.  This mare could excel in any disclipline.  And who knows, maybe one day Ashley’s daughter will do jumpers with her.  (Ashley is due with a baby girl in January.  So my plan is to get Blush to FEI, and then her daughter can have the world’s fanciest first “pony” to learn on!) 

My Pocket Rocket – Blush 

The next fabulous mare is Lily B – a 15 year old Knabstrupper, owned by Stacey Quaranta.  Lily was a circus horse in Belgium (I’m not kidding) then was imported to Ireland to try her hand (hoof?) at eventing and then made her way to America, where she was deemed NOT a good jumper and settled into a career in dressage.  She is wicked smart. Every now and then I press some strange button and get some serious airs above the ground.  Not sure if that was her role in the circus?  She is a beautiful, spotted Knabstrupper, and she really turns heads wherever she goes.  Stacey and Lily moved to my barn a year ago and have been such good students.  We’ve really made progress towards the FEI, which is the ultimate goal.  I just showed Lily 3rd level and won with over 65%, so we are optimistic about getting a bronze medal for Stacey, and getting Lily to PSG before she gets too old.  This mare is such fun to ride – super energetic, always thinking, and strong.  Maybe we wish she wasn’t quite so strong sometimes, but that’s what we’re here to get help with!

Lily showing off her new trick – clean flying changes!!

Last, but in no way least, is the youngest member of the bunch – D’Arcy.  This gorgeous young mare is by Dante Weltino, out of a Davignport mother.  Bred by Rebecca Arnold and owned by Kevin McNeilly, this girl is destined for great things.  She’s only 4, but she already has a long list of accomplishments.  She’s won most every class she’s entered this year at Training Level and the 4 year old test, consistently scoring in the 70s.  She is drop dead gorgeous and very athletic to boot.  Kevin bought her at 2 as a fun project, wanted me to start her and get her going, and then sell her eventually.  Someone is going to be very lucky to get this mare.  I’m so excited to see where she will go.  

D’Arcy cruising to second place at BLM Championships at 4 years old.  

So what’s my thing with mares, you ask?  Honestly, I didn’t go out seeking mares instead of geldings.  I like geldings too.  But I do love mares.  I love them a lot.  And I don’t understand people who have a bias against them.  Every complaint I hear usually makes me think the complainer needs to work on their own horsemanship, not blame the mare for their shortcomings.  I know plenty of geldings who are “difficult,” “temperamental,” “hyper sensitive,” “herd bound,” etc.  Plus, when your gelding hurts himself and is irreperably lame, what are you going to do with him?? At least these girls could all go on to have a second career making stunning babies.  Or maybe they can do both.  They’re modern gals, they could have it all 😉

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